Amelia and Sam

Your Wedding at the Temple of Peace

Why did you choose the Temple of Peace for your wedding?

The decor and style. It was perfect for the kind of wedding we wanted.


How did you decide on the other details of the day, the décor, dress, suits, food, etc?

We knew we wanted a gothic, stylish, autumnal wedding so based the decor and colours around that.

For the dress, I didn't want a conventional white wedding and didn't want to get married in any kind of white. Us being a more alternative couple, I knew black and lace was the way to go. I couldn't see myself getting married in anything else!

The suits, my husband had free reign with these. He chose the colours, especially for his own suit as I thought it fair that I got to choose my dress so he should have the choice of his suit.

As for the food, we wanted something simple that everyone would like, so we went for a hog roast with rolls and salad. We also had choice of cakes, along with 2 chocolate fountains.


What do you remember most about your day, were there any surprises?

Just being very happy! I was expecting some hiccups but we were lucky and everything went amazingly


What was the menu?

Hog roast, rolls, stuffing, salad, cakes and chocolate fountains.


Anything else you’d like to share:

A thank you to everyone involved for making our day completely perfect.


Who did the following for your day if applicable (so that we can credit them):

Caterer – Afan Catering

Photographer – Carly Turner Photography

Videographer – None

Music – Alan from Cardiff Wedding Disco

Florist – Folkey Dokey

Cake – My mum

Bridal and bridesmaid dresses – Wedding dress is from JJ's House. Bridesmaid dresses from Ebay

Groom groomsmen’s suits – All from Burton

Make up – Myself

Hair – My cousin